Sunday, February 26, 2012

my new journey

OK, so how many of us struggle with health and weight issues?  I sure do.  I recently turned 60 and have felt like my life was flushing quickly down the toilet. At 355 lbs, I also struggle with fibromyalgia, sleep apnea, asthma, IBS, bad knees, lack of energy, dizziness and just last week was diagnosed with diabetes.  Aghhhhhhh! but, I've found hope.  I have been on so many programs that I cannot possibly count them.  More recently I tried HCG, about a dozen times or more...  I've done weight watchers, curves, water aerobics, low carb, calorie counting and everthing in-between...  however, just recently i found something different and am so excited about it because IT'S WORKING!!!  So, i decided to blog about my journey... today makes 11 days and i've lost 16 lbs! AND i am not hungry AND i feel so much better... cravings are gone, sleeping is better... so here i go, blog in hand to keep a record of this journey... pray for me... i think i may have found my answer...

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